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Kayak Lodge – South East Alaska

Dates (7 days)

2024 Dates August 4 - August 10


Northern Chichagof Island, Alaska

Exclusive Lodge based adventure

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Northern Chichagof Isand / Gustavus / Elfin Cove

Located near the northern tip of Chichagof Island in the heart of South East Alaska, Gull Cove is a virtual paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether your passion is fishing, kayaking, wildlife or just being immersed in wilderness this sheltered cove has everything you want for a week or more.  Spend 7 days in comfort, amongst stunning scenery, with exclusive use of this remote lodge and all its amenities.


The adventure begins in Gustavus, a small town at the gate of Glacier Bay National Park.  You can fly directly into Gustavus via Alaska airlines, take a small plane from Juneau or if the timing is right ride the Alaska Marine Highway AKA the Alaska State Ferry.  No matter how you travel you have stepped into the heart of South East Alaska, a place unlike any other. 

On the morning of our first day we will be picked up by the captain of the Yakobi, just one of the vessels that will be available to us for the entire week we are spending at Gull Cove Lodge on the northern end of Chichagof Island.  As we motor toward the lodege we will venture out into Icy Stait and passed Point Adolphus we are constantly on the lookout for wildlife. Point Adophus is world renowned for whale activity and both Humpback and Killer whales cruise these waters during the summer months, feeding  alongside Stellar sea lions and harbor seals.

After we arrive at the lodge and get our things stowed in the cabins which will be our home away from home for the week we can meet the staff and get a feel for what its like to live in the little piece of remote paradise they call home each summer.

The next seven days will be filled exploration and adventure.  One day we may be fishing for salmon and halibut or dropping crab pots.  Day 2 may see us climbing back aboard the Yakobi and loading our kayaks so we can go and paddle along side humpbacks near point adolphus, wether permitting of course. The day following that we could cruise the beaches and stream mouths looking for brown bears feeding in the seges or fishing for salmon as they enter the creeks to spawn. Options abound, fly fishing, an overnight kayak camping trip or just relaxing at the lodge enjoying a glass of wine or that first cup of coffee in the morning.

While at the lodge the incredible staff will provide us with 3 delicious meals a day, access to the kitchen for those snack time cravings, an onsite garden for those who like to forage, use of the main boat the Yakobi and its captain along with access to smaller skiffs and kayaks and at the end of the day a cedar sauna to cap it all off.

Gull Cove is quintessential South East Alaska and there is a life time of adventure to be had here.


Day 0

The schedule that follows is a rough idea of what is possible during your week at Gull Cove but we will use the weather and the tides to plan each days adventure. 

Meet your SEAK Expeditions Guide in the quaint little town of  Gustavus for a pre-trip meeting

Day 1

After breakfast we will gather our gear and  meet up with the  captain of the Yakobi, a stout fishing vessel and adventure platform which will be at our beckon call for the week.  Departing from Gustavus we are heading for the the northern end of Chichagof  Island and Gull Cove.  Once we’ve arrived and we have had a chance to stow our gear we can explore the beaches around the lodge by foot or by Kayak

Day 2

Salt Water Fishing


Fishing Anyone?  Great fishing and Alaska are synonymous, and this is certainly the case at Gull Cove. Five species of Pacific salmon, halibut, rockfish and lingcod are in the surrounding waters. From the comfort of the Yakobi, you will troll for king and coho salmon or jig for halibut. The large open deck of the Yakobi is ideal for salmon and halibut fishing and when the weather is wet, you can duck inside to keep dry and see what’s cooking on the stove.


Salmon fishing on the Yakobi.   Trolling for king and coho salmon in comfort on the Yakobi can be a real treat.   There are many good fishing spots right near Gull Cove, but with 18 knot cruising speed we can get around the Icy Straits area quickly to explore different hot spots.  The outer coasts of Chichagof and Yakobi Islands offer lots of opportunities to tie into coho salmon and king salmon fishing.

Day 3 -4

Kayaking & Wildlife Viewing

Our daily excursions on the Yakobi allow us to explore many remote areas of this region. From Gull Cove our charter boat will take us to the islands, bays, and inlets of the Icy Strait area.  During our daily travels, we see lots of wildlife. Humpback whales frequent these waters and daily sightings are common.  On occasion, pods of orcas can be seen cruising Icy Strait.  Other frequently seen marine life are Steller sealions, sea otters, harbor seals, and porpoises.  Bald eagles, puffins, and a variety of seabirds seem to be everywhere. Along the coastline we are always on the lookout for Alaskan brown bears, black bears or Sitka blacktail deer roaming the beaches.

If the group wants this as an option we can load up our kayaks with some camping gear and head out for an over night kayak camping trip until the next morning.  Enjoying a dinner cooked on an open fire and earlyish morning coffee on the beach with some world class kayaking sandwiched in between.

Day 4

Kayaking and Wildlife Viewing

Whale watching.   Icy Strait is a prime summer feeding ground for humpback whales. Whales can often be observed from the deck of your cabin at Gull Cove but great views can be had from on board the Yakobi.   In addition to humpback whales, pods of orcas (killer whales) and an occasional minke whale are sometimes seen and there are lots of opportunities for photography of marine wildlife.

Other wildlife viewing.  Marine life is abundant, again starting right at Gull Cove where harbor seals and sea otters can be observed just off shore.  Steller sealions that inhabit this area have favorite haul outs on rocky islands near the outside coast.  We will also look for Alaskan brown bears, black bears, and Sitka black tailed deer along the shorelines and at the river mouths. Mountain goats are sometimes spotted along the cliffs of the mainland.  Bald eagles are abundant throughout the area.  Wildlife viewing and nature photography possibilities abound!

Day 5

 Point Adolphus/Kayaking with Whales – We can load up our kayaks on the Yakobi and weather permitting cruise up to Point Adolphus to paddle along side majestic Humpbacks. Not too close though, we always conduct ourselves with respect and give them plenty of room as outlined in the Marine Mammal Act.

Day 6

Freshwater stream fishing.   Many of the area’s rivers are important for the spawning runs of pink, chum, sockeye, and coho salmon.   Major salmon runs, starting in mid to late July and continuing into September, make for lots of exciting action on light tackle.   Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout can also be found while fishing these same streams.We have the waiters or hip-boots for you to get into the action of deeper water. Fly rods are provided however if you do have your own preference for rods you are more than welcome to bring your own. If you do not know how to fly fish, we have expert instructors that will assist you in learning the techniques of fly fishing. We also have spin cast rods for beginners who would like to get some action. 

Day 7

Waking up on our last day in Gull Cove we can spend some time taking in what this place has to offer before we head back to civilization.  Explore around the lodge enjoy another delicious meal provided by our chef and then wave goodbye as we pull away from the dock headed for Gustavus.  Our week is over but the memories we have of this wild place will last forever


Boat Charter to and from Gustavus

Lodging while at Gull Cove

Meals and snacks while at Gull Cove

Charter Salt Water Fishing

Guided Fresh Water Fishing

Guided Kayaking

All camping, fishing or kayaking gear needed

Exclusive use of the lodge

Professional guide service


Not Included

Travel into and out of Gustavus at the beginning and end of trip

Lodging while not at Gull Cove

Food while not in the field

Personal equipment

Gratuity for guide(s)

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