Challenge yourself and build your skills over 5 days

SE Alaska Sea Kayak Guide Course

Dates (5 days)

2024 Dates Contact us for details 


Haines, Alaska



SE Alaska Sea kayak Guide Course 2024

This course is designed for individuals seeking to become either day guides or expedition style guides in the waters of SE Alaska or for those individuals with previous kayaking experience looking to advance their sea kayaking skills

Course Description

Individuals participating in this course will be at a minimum 17 years of age. Some of the participants are already working as guides and others are looking to gain experience and skills to begin a journey working in the sea kayaking industry in Alaska and beyond. Still others are just interested in personal development and learning from both qualified instructors as well as other students.

Through out the course we will be developing the skills so that participants will communicate effectively, show good judgment and act as leaders in group paddling situations. Participants will be able to show these skills during teaching opportunities with fellow participants as well as during risk management scenarios

Skills to be developed and demonstrated

We will be working on developing as well as teaching the following paddling and group management skills in a marine environment

Paddling Strokes

Forward and reverse stroke

Forward and reverse sweep

Draw stroke (Both out of water and in water recovery)

Sculling draw

Turning while moving (stern rudder, low brace turn) High and low brace



Surf and non surf launch and landings

Rescue Techniques

Self rescues

Assisted rescues


Swimmer Carries

Additional Skills

Navigation Weather

Tides and Currents

Emergency communications

Leadership and Judgement

Trip planning and preparation

First aid and equipment repairs

Positioning and
on water communication


Camping Techniques

Gear management

Proper storage and management of safety gear

Certifications available

SEAK Expeditions Certificate of completion and competence

Alaska Rescue Certification

Possible ACA L2 or L3 Skills Assessment Certification

Day 0

Arrive in Haines and have a pre course meeting at the SEAK Expeditions Headquarters in downtown Haines, AK.  7:00pm

Day 1

Day 1 (Based in the town of Haines)

Morning Session – Introductions, Gear Discussion, Managing wildlife encounters
Afternoon Session – Paddle strokes and rescues
Evening Session  – Introduction to Navigation and Weather

Day 2

Day 2 (Based in the town of Haines)

Morning Session – Continue Weather and Navigation
Afternoon Session – Paddle strokes, Rescues and Towing
Evening Session – Packing and sorting.

Day 3

Day 3 (Backcountry around Haines)

Morning Session – Launching and landings, Communications
Afternoon Session – Depart Haines, Group travel
Evening Session – Orientation to scenarios, Leadership, Risk Management

Day 4

Day 4 (Backcountry around Haines)

Morning Session – Surf landings and launches
Afternoon Session – Group travel, leadership scenarios
Evening Session – leadership scenarios

Day 5

Day 5 (Backcountry around Haines)

Morning Session – Leadership scenarios
Afetrnoon Session – Leadership scenarios
Debrief back in Haines


Whats included

Professional Instruction

Group Camping Gear

Food while in the field

(Breakfast Lunch and Dinner)

Kayak and associated gear

Not Included

Travel to Haines

Accommodations while not in the field

Food while not in the field

Personal camping gear

Immersion gear (Drysuit)(Limited number available for rent)



Joe Oesterling

Owner of SEAK Expeditions,

20+ years of guiding and instruction experience,

ACA L3 Instructor,

USCG 50 ton Captain, WFR 

SAR Dog Handler/Trainer with SEADOGS.

Dick Rice

Owner of Alaska Rescue,

40+ years of guiding and instruction experience,

USCG 100 Ton Captain,

Retired Capital City Rescue FF, EMT.

Instructor #3




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