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Western Chichagof Island – Yacht & Kayak Expedition

Dates (8 days)

2024 dates June 7-June 14


Chichagof Island , Elfin Cove, Petersburg, Sitka

Cost (prices for 1- 8 persons)

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Chichagof Island

Highlights we are in search of on this 8 day luxurious odyssey are icebergs, Humpback and Grey whales Orca , Bald Eagles, Hot Springs, as well as stops in the villages of Hoonah, Pelican, and Elfin Cove. Otters will be prevalent once we leave Elfin Cove as they like the outside coast of Chichagof, one of our favorite islands in Southeast Alaska.    

Trip Overview

This 8-day yacht-based wilderness adventure, through the heart of South East Alaska is a personalized, all-inclusive experience. This excursion will depart from Petersburg and end in Sitka, Alaska, and will venture into Frederick Sound, spending our 8 days investigating the bays and inlets of this rich landscape,  giving us an intimate knowledge of this part of Southeast Alaska.  We will take you off the beaten path to places most people can't even dream of experiencing. This is an 8-day-7 night private charter cruise and is ideal if you already have your own group but can also work well for couples or families joining other parties wishing to experience Alaska by land and sea. Your Captain crew and guides have well over 50 years of experience and local knowledgen and we’ll help you create a custom itinerary that best fulfills your Alaskan bucket list.
We will take you through the ice, close to glaciers, and travel across waters where others can’t go, due to the challenges of the sea. Aboard this 85 ft custom expedition yacht built especially for Alaskan waters, with a steel hull for bumping up against the ice and NIAD stabilizers for a comfortable cruise! During 50 years of operation, we have accumulated over 800 US Forest Service permits, so we take you to remote areas other charters can't go. We have an  8-pole halibut permit which allows you to catch that Alaskan halibut, along with opportunities to fish for multiple species of salmon, rock fish, shrimp and crab.
Your guide and naturalist will share their vast knowledge of the rich culture, natural history  and wildlife of Southeast Alaska.  You will leave with a newfound experience of the freshest seafood caught from our Alaskan waters,
incredible photographs, and, most importantly, the trip of a lifetime!

The M/V Northern Song is an 85’ x 26’ x 10’ steel world cruiser with a capacity for 8-10 guests in four staterooms. Safe, and luxurious, The Northern Song, was designed and constructed with the same rugged integrity of vessels built for Alaska’s renowned commercial fisheries. When guests step on board, they experience the “wow” of the expansive open design. You won’t feel crowded on this boat. You’ll enjoy the spacious salon, covered decks and excellent viewing areas. You’ll love your quarters, too! Northern Song is perfect for families or small groups with plenty of room for everyone to spread out and enjoy the journey. The Northern Song offers the perfect balance of community space while still providing privacy when needed.  There is a roomy salon with a full media center and the group is welcome on the bridge to whale watch or get a driving lesson from your captain. 


Master Suite 

Includes, one queen-sized bed on the main deck with an ensuite bathroom with a separate bathtub stall and
shower. There is the ability to add an extra cot in this stateroom. 

Guest Cabin A
Guest Cabins are on the lower deck, each featuring private bathrooms with
showers. Each of the cabins has double lower beds and single upper berths.
This cabin includes two travelers.

Guest Cabin B
Guest Cabins are on the lower deck, each featuring private bathrooms with showers. Each of the cabins has double lower beds and single upper berths.
This cabin includes two travelers. 

Guest Cabin C
Guest Cabins are on the lower deck, each featuring private bathrooms with
showers. Each of the cabins has double lower beds and single upper berths.
This cabin includes two travelers.

All cabins include towels, bed linens, shampoo,
conditioner, soap, hair dryers and select sizes on Alaska boots. Wi-Fi is available to purchase if you would like to use it for
work or you can unplug and relax!



Wildlife Viewing

Your guide/naturalist will share the facts and history of the wildlife and culture of  Southeast Alaska. There is a reference library filled with maps and books on Alaska's wildlife, and the local natural history. The Northern Song along with its kayaks and smaller boats are the perfect wildlife viewing platform.  Large enough for safe travel in these remote waters but agile enough to go into the inlets and bays where wildlife tend to congregate.

Whale Watching Exploring the many bays and inlets of Southeast Alaska for Whales and other marine wildlife
We will explore these waters for humpback whales, Orca and Gray whales not to mention the many other marine mammal species present in the waters. The whales have made their long journey from Hawaii where they have spent the winter mating and and giving birth the this years calves. We have a hydrophone we put in the water to listen to the whales and then we can gauge when they will surface or bubble feed.  In adddition to these whale species many other marine mammals call South east Alaska home including Meinke whales, several different types of porpoise, Stellar Sealions, Harbor seals, sea otters and many many more.

Bears and More

Brown bears also known as grizzlies are common on the islands that protect the mainland from the Gulf of Alaska in fact Islands like Chichagof and Admiralty host some of the densist populations of brown bears per square mile anywhere in the world far out numbering the human populations that inhabit these islands.  Along with these large ominvores there are very healthy populations of Black Bers, wolves, coyote, moose, sitka black tail deer, river otter just to name a few.  

Birders Paradise

Eagles are synonomous with this part of Alaska and very often a highlight on many peoples list of bird species to observe but they are just one of many birds that pass through this area or call it home. 

Keep in mind we can not predict where the wildlife will be and what we will see, but that is part of the adventure and if any vessel and crew is going to get you to where the wildlife is at, it's the Northern Song.

The chance to see glaciers is a huge reason people come to Alaska and the Northern Song provides the perfect platform to not only see Glaciers but to get up close.  This sturdy vessel along with its experienced crew and captain, is agile enough to get us into tight places and sturdy enough to do it in a very safely.  The option to climb aboard the inflatable boats or the kayaks, along with your experienced guide allows us the chance to experience the ice and the wildlife that can be found in the same waters in a very intimate fashion.

The Northern Song is also and incredible fishing platform.  Wether you want to drop Dungeness crab and shrimp pots to see if you can catch your own appetizers ,or if you want to try your hand at jigging for that sought after Alaskan Halibut we have the equipment and expertise to make this a reality.  If you are interested in going ashore and shore casting for salmon or rock fish, the inflatable skiffs are waiting for you and your guide knows how to find the fish.  Further still if you want to try your hand at fly fishing for the beautiful coho or sockeye we are waiting to make that happen for you. We will provide all the gear and knowledge and help you with purchasing any licenses you might need to harvest some of the rich bounty of these Southeast Alaskan waters.


Aboard the Northern Song is a fleet of high quality single and tandem sea kayaks. Along with the kayaks is a professional kayak guide to ensure your paddling adventure is safe, informative and enjoyable. Kayaks are an amazing way to experience wildlife allowing us to travel low to the water and almost silent, letting us get views of wildlife that is almost impossible to get any other way.  

There are also two tender boats for exploring, fishing or going ashore to investigate the shoreline or coastal rainforest.

All meals are prepared by our on-board chef, and snacks are availble throughout your day. Meals include Alaskan seafoods
such as black cod, halibut, salmon, and King crab. Wine is provided with dinner and beer is available through out the day. If you would like any additional spirits we can pick them up prior to departure or you can bring them aboard. You will leave with a newfound experience of the freshest seafood caught from our Alaskan waters served at your table. Our all-inclusive chef will tailor a menu to your preferences. Seafoodod includes halibut, black cod, salmon, king crab, shrimp, Dungeness crab, and whatever else might be in season!

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