River Trips

Klehini River

Pack rafting

If you are the active and adventurous sort, pack rafting may just be your new passion waiting to happen. The Klehini River is the perfect place to get your feet wet.  Whether you have a half of a day or the entire day, we can provide basic instruction and just a taste of this relatively new sport, or you can spend the whole day paddling down the Klehini to the confluence with the mighty Chilkat River. A little more time on the river will help you get your “sea legs”, but any amount of time is time well spent.

Upper Tsirku river

Raft or Pack raft

This fly-in, paddle-out trip is sure to leave you aching for more.  This 3-day adventure begins with an exhilarating bush flight to a remote landing strip at the base of the DeBlondeau Glacier. We will make camp that night on the banks of the glacial river before exploring on foot. After a hearty breakfast the next morning we will hit the water for an invigorating paddle on the swift glacial braids of the Tsirku River. Our second night will be spent on the outskirts of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, home to the largest congregations of bald eagles in the world. On our final day we will paddle back onto the road system for a pick-up on the Chilkat River with a quick drive back to Haines.