Day Hiking Trips

The area around Haines is teeming with both developed and off-trail hiking opportunities. Whether you are looking for a coastal trail hike over rolling terrain, weaving in and out of the forest and onto the beaches of the Chilkat Peninsula, or a trip that will take you into the backcountry and true Alaskan wilderness, you will find it in Haines.  Maybe you are looking to gain some elevation and and experience truly unique views of the fjord around Haines. Our day trips up Mt. Ripinsky and Mt. Riley are great options whose summits will offer unparalleled views of the fjord, and on a clear day may let you get a peak of Mt. Fairweather nearly 80 miles away.

Dates : Custom

Rates: Starting at $150.00 per person

Takshanuk Traverse

This 3-5 day backpacking trip has everything a first time backpacker or a seasoned veteran could ask for; wild vistas, wildlife, challenging terrain and the best backpacking food you’ve ever tasted.  Starting in the luscious green of the temperate rainforest, we will make our way through moss covered stands of old growth spruce and hemlock, eventually emerging above tree-line at just over 2000 feet above sea level.  From there we can explore ridge lines, climb up and over summits and camp near mountain lakes watching mountain goats graze and grizzlies lumber on by.  No matter your choice, your guide will be there to regale you with information about the history of the area, the flora and fauna and of course, prepare hearty meals to fuel the adventure.

Dates: Custom

Rates: Starting at $900.00 per person

Chilkoot Trail

Join us on a trip back in time set in a vast wilderness where the rugged landscape remains as luring today as it did when the Gold Stampeders first braved their way to the gold fields of the Yukon Territory in the late 1890’s.  You will retrace the steps of  thousands of gold seekers on this five day/four night adventure that is truly one of the classic backpacking trips anywhere in the world.  This trip will take you from the Alaskan temperate rain forest up over the famed Chilkoot Pass and along the trail that leads to the headwaters of the Yukon River in Canada’s Yukon Terriory.  You will camp in the iconic Canyon City, Sheep Camp, Happy Camp and Lindeman City, each of which has their own rich history and incredible views.

Dates: Custom

Rates:  Starting at $1,500.00 per person